Blogpost – Gender equality

Gender inequality as a social inconvenience; then and now.

Because of the feminist combat in the history woman and man are lawfuly equal. Problems are observable more difficult, but they are still here.

The early history

For the first case of gender diversity we go all the way back to 1870 till 1920. Namely, the first-wave of feminism. Obtaining a better loan and better work hours, better education and suffrage for women. Besides women’s rights, they also fought against sexual. Doorbraak, EU

After the first-wave of feminism, the second-wave followed in 1965 till 1985. So, not that long ago. It was a new phase in the women’s movement. In practice, women still took care of the household as well as looking after the children. Ideally, men shoyld be taking care more and woman should work more, get better education opportunities, receive childcare and have the opportunity of free abortion. Geheugen van nederland, tweede feministische golf

feministische golf

Since mankind, gender diversity has been an issue. Nowadays there is more gender equality, therefore it will be more accepted. This is also because the subject is much discussed and debated over the past few years, for example on the news. Especially transgenders are much discussed lately. Because of this, this subject is more accepted.

Push up bra campaign in the Netherlands with a transgender model

Already in 2011 the ‘Hema’, a Dutch warehouse and brand with typical dutch stuff, booked a famous transgender model named Andrej Pejic. And not just for ‘ordinary jeans with a top’ but for a maximize push up bra campaign.

Websites and blogs all over the world were writing about a male model endorsing push up bras. The ‘boobs’ of Andrej were big news! Ad, lifestyle  

Until this year, 2017, India came up with their first transgender model on the catwalk at a fashion event. Being transgender is not only more accepted by time but is also more accepted in a larger part of the world instead of only the western part.

Anjali Lama — she became the first transgender model to grace the catwalk at India’s premiere fashion event.

Anjalj Lama is 32-year-old transgender model, originally from Nepal, and she is shaking up the fashion scene in India. Anjalj was the first transgender model which walked at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai from the first until the fifth of February this year.

The transgender top model said she faced judgement and bullying when she first spoke about her wanted transition to a woman. She hopes by walking the catwalk she will help promote diversity in the modelling and fashion industries. Cnn, fashion

Because being transgender, transgender got the feeling they lead a double life.

“Twice as hard live”

In 2012, the majority of the transgender population in the Netherlands, isn’t happy. Even 69 percent were thinking of committing suicide. In comparison to 8 percent of the total population has thought of committing suicide. Rijksoverheid, ministeries

Transgenders struggle, if they ask for help they have to wait for close to 14 months before they get help. Most of them are living their lives in an understated way. Rtlnieuws, transgender dubbel zwaar leven

But! Of course there are always exceptions, for example the international top models mentioned earlier. Also because of the “famous” people, the ‘taboo subject’ changed into a ‘normal subject’. Which makes it easier for the population to talk about being transgender of unhappy.

In 2017, new findings showed that, inter alia, transgenders became happier. A better psychological wellbeing, better physical health, more social support and better financial resources. Holebi, action

Schermafbeelding 2017-05-17 om 15.22.24

The developments and action for future

The government have inradical plans in regards to sexuality, particularly of the transgender (in)equality. Countries which belong to the United Nations and in Europe are having discussions and are making decisions related to (trans)gender equality. Vgs, gendergelijkheid ontwikkelingen en aanpak


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