Blogpost – Is the youth going to take over the world?

Youth marketing: Is the youth going to take over the world?

The youth nowadays adjust themselves to the entire world around them. They are searching for their own way of living in this ever-changing and enormous world. Moreover, they are trying to deal with responsibilities regarding time and money. It is very important for youngsters to stand out in order to be successful in life. Think about a good education in order to get a good job. Expectations are sky high, so important life decisions need to be made at an earlier age every year. This means saving money and having a healthy lifestyle is crucial these days. Frankwatching, jongerenmarketing in de war

Gone with the laid-back mentality, power is the motto!

Attempting businesses, a trend which fits by this subject, signals and current affairs below. The youth, generation Y or the millennials are ‘attempting’ the ‘business’.


The youth is taking the lead! Not only when we are talking about starting up businesses, but also starting campaigns when one is not happy with a current situation. The youth these days are addicted to miserable thinking and they are prepared to attack whenever and whatever. The perfect, idealistic but unrealistic ideal is not working for the hard-working youth; work for your money! Frankwatching, trends in jongerenmarketing

The youth nowadays is a very big concept. If I write about ‘the youth nowadays’,  I mean largely generation Y; better known as ‘the millennials’.  Millennials are people which are borned in 1980’s, the mid-1990s to the early 2000s. It are most of the time children from parents which are born during the baby boom, Business dictionary, generation Y.

Self-Promoting designer packages                                                                                       A gift box filled with a resume and letter 

As I mentioned before, youth needs to be able to sell their selves; also by applying for a (new) job. The ‘self-promoting designer packages’ is a small package/ gift box which contains a personal portfolio, a personal letter, a resume in the form of a Pantone map, contact details, and a gift. The package is designed by a Swiss artist Liza Pederson. When she was looking for her ideal job, she wanted to ensure that she was the most suitable candidate compared to the many other artists and designers. Rather than sending out personal letters and resumes like most people, Liza decided to create this small package.

The gift box is filled with a lot of surprises which are attractive for an artist or designer to present their own brand identity. Not only is it an attractive way to attract attention, but also a very original way. When a resume is original, you distinguish yourself from the other candidates and you become unique. When you are unique, people will remember you. This will generate many opportunities in the future, Trendhunter, self promoting.

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An example of a signal of youth marketing is the ‘self-promoting designer package’, because it is a really strong offline way to apply for a (new) job. But as you may have noticed, being online is becoming more popular every day. In the Netherlands, the percentage with access to the internet is the highest from all European countries. 87% of the Dutch population uses the internet every day. In one year the access to the mobile internet via smartphones increased from 31% to 42% and via a tablet from 10% to 27%. The expectation is that the use of mobile phones and tablets will increase the coming years, Crc, online gebruik

More than 90 percent of 18- to 25-year olds mobile online with their smartphones

Especially the youth are using mobile internet via smartphones. The smartphone is by far the most-used device for mobile Internet among young people non-domestically. If they are online, they spend this time playing games, watching short movies and visiting social networks, CBS, jongeren online.

Nowadays there are a few things which are very popular concerning the youth and internet use. One of those things is vlogging. Vlogging is an online diary whereby the major part consists of video images. The vlog is a variant of the blog.

Earn yourself a little on the side with vlogging

Vloggers earn their money with a really difficult calculation. Vloggers work together with YouTube and they get together an amount around 1,5 euro till a maximum of 7 euros pro 1.000 advertisement views. From this amount 45% goes to YouTube and the rest is for the YouTuber, in this case the vlogger.

Dylan Haegens, a Dutch vlogger which is on the 8th place when we are talking about the top 10 rating of most famous Dutch YouTubers. Dylan almost has 600.000 subscribers and earns around 125.000 euros, Limburg, bijverdienen vloggen.

Vlogging became very popular a few years ago and got a growing influence ever since. Vloggers are very focused on the 15-35 age group, approximately the age of the millennials, Premium beauty news, growing influence of Youtube beauty bloggers.

Schermafbeelding 2017-04-17 om 13.28.05

An other popular thing nowadays are different social media pages, in particular Instagram which increased by 37% compared to last year (2015), Redmax, social media cijfersThis year (2016) Instagram has 400 million users worldwide, Frankwatching, jongerengebruik Instagram.

Hire an ‘Instagram husbands’ for the Fashion Week                                                    In a world where parody meets reality, the service hiring app, TaskRabbit, is offering an Instagram Husband special for New York Fashion Week.

Since Instagram is a hugely important platform for fashionistas and New York Fashion Week is one of the biggest fashion events worldwide, plain old selfies aren’t good enough. The solution: Instagram husbands and wives will help users to take pictures, edit them and keep an eye on any fashion-related message.

New York Fashion Week is all about fashionable clothes. However, selfies are not ideal when you want to show your entire outfit on a picture. An Instagram device from TaskRabbit will not only give a better perspective for pictures, but will also have a high-quality camera and professional photography knowledge, Trendhunter, Instagram husband.


So, an allover view of above mentioned information: the youth are getting more influence increasingly. Not only online with vlogging and Instagram accounts for example, but also offline, for example the creative and inspiring way of the curriculum vitae. Is the youth going to take over the world? We shall see within a couple of years!


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